6 Month Smiles

Straighten Your Teeth with an Alternative Solution to Traditional (Metal) Braces

Six Month Smiles® straighten your teeth with a clear, comfortable alternative to metal braces. Your Wilmington dentist recommends orthodontic braces to correct your tooth alignment issues, overcrowded teeth, and bite problems.

Appealing treatment and results

Your Six Month Smiles® treatment uses clear materials. This helps eliminate the appearance issues that are common with traditional metal braces.

Overcome your smile imperfections

Orthodontic treatment brings your teeth into proper alignment. The procedure enhances your lifestyle, tooth function, and helps you avoid future dental health issues.

Fast treatment for your visible teeth

Six Month Smiles® surpasses the time constraints of traditional orthodontic treatment. The procedure is completed in an average time-frame of six months or less depending on your tooth alignment issues.

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Did you know…

that approximately 5 million people per year are wearing braces at any given time? Most are children between ages 9 and 14 – an age when patients are generally less concerned about the appearance of metal braces. By the middle teen to adult years, however, patients who desire straighter teeth may be reluctant to wear traditional braces due to their prominence. Six Month Smiles® is a cosmetically appealing solution for fast and discreet orthodontic correction in Wilmington that will not cause professional or social distraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Six Month Smiles® right for me?

You may be a candidate for Six Month Smiles® if you are embarrassed or bothered by smile imperfections but do not want to spend years wearing traditional metal braces. Patients must be at least 15 years of age to undergo Six Month Smiles® in Wilmington. Schedule an oral consultation for more information about this revolutionary clear orthodontic system or to find out if you could qualify for treatment.

What should I expect during a Six Month Smiles® treatment?

The Six Month Smiles® brackets and wires are administered to the teeth in the same way that traditional braces are. This initial visit is usually the longest, though additional visits will be necessary during treatment to monitor progress and tighten the braces. Six Month Smiles® works quickly because treatment is generally isolated to the most visible teeth in a patient’s smile. Additionally, the low-force method utilized by Six Month Smiles® causes less discomfort than traditional braces during the treatment process.

Will I need to make any lifestyle modifications to facilitate my treatment?

Because Six Month Smiles® is a bracket and wire system, you will have some limitations during treatment. Primarily, you will need to make certain dietary changes that restrict hard or ‘gummy’ foods. Examples include whole, raw fruits and vegetables, bubblegum, popcorn, nuts, croutons, and caramel candies. At the conclusion of treatment, you will also need to wear a retainer to maintain results.