Night Guard

Protect Your Teeth from Damage

A night-guard prevents teeth grinding from damaging your teeth. The condition, known as bruxism, most often occurs during your sleep.

Using a night-guard while sleeping can reduce the damage that’s caused to your teeth. The appliance is also effective to eliminate your neck, head, or jaw pain that’s caused by excessive teeth grinding during sleep.

Customized, comfortable fit

Your night-guard is custom-fitted to your unique tooth structure and bite. The materials used are soft and designed to fit comfortably without disturbing your sleep cycle.

Protect your teeth from further damage

Teeth grinding damages your tooth structure. Cracks, fractures, erosion of your tooth enamel, and unnatural wear are common issues.

A night-guard helps keep your teeth in proper alignment. Wearing the appliance while you sleep can reduce the risk of tooth damage and your dental treatment costs.

Contact your Wilmington dentist about your tooth damage or jaw pain. Schedule a consultation to determine if teeth grinding is the cause of your dental issues.